International Conference “Social Economy = Human Economy”

Jamski mansion, Postojna, Slovenia

The conference “Social Economy = Human Economy” presented opportunities and traps, that we put on the path of social entrepreneurship after the adoption of the Law on social entrepreneurship. Among the participants at the conference were renowned professors and charismatic entrepreneurs – especially women entrepreneurs, who have ideas and institutions caught up in the area of social responsibility, women’s entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship.

During the Conference, we had the roundtable “Become a woman entrepreneur”, the role of women in social entrepreneurship and transfer of knowledge from abroad to Slovenia. We had the honor to speak via Skype with Mr. Eugenio La Mesa, one of the closest collaborators of Nobel Peace Prize winner, Professor Muhammad Yunus.

Through lectures and practical workshops and an interesting roundtable discussion on “Become a woman entrepreneur”, we present examples of good practice from successful women entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurship in Slovenia and abroad.


Honorary speakers

Moderator of the conference was Vida Petrovcic, the welcome speech was delivered by:

  • Alenka Hren, Head of Sector for Enterprise, JAPTI
  • Jernej Verbič, Mayor of Municipality Postojna
  • Berto Menard, Mayor of Municipality Logatec
  • Igor Blažina, Assistant to CEO of Postojnska Jama d.d.
  • Žaneta Statevska, President of Club of European Women (today is known as Drustvo Pemaro, so.p.)

Press conference

The press conference was held in the hall Sneznik in Jamski Mansion, Postojna. Moderator of the press conference was Zaneta Statevska, President of the Club of European women, with guests Alenka Hren, Head of Sector for Enterprise, JAPTI, and mag. Zdenka Kovac, International Expert, and lecturer.

Presentation of the conference on the TV show »Right idea«, RTV Slovenia

Journalist team from »Right idea (Prava ideja)« has had interviews with selected members of women’s entrepreneurship:

  • Lenka Puh, Jazon d.o.o.
  • Bozena Blanusa, Society Project Man
  • mag. Zdenka Kovac, International expert, and lecturer
  • Alenka Hren, Head of Sector for Enterprise, JAPTI
  • Samantha Caccamo, Founder, and President of Social Business Earth Organizaton
  • Zaneta Statevska, Founder, and President of Club of European women.

More about the conference was spoken in the TV show »Right Idea«, on RTV Slovenia, June 22th 2011 at 11 p.m., then on June 25th, 2011 at 8 p.m. More you can find on the web page »Right Idea« in section Arhivi / Aktualno



Next day we’ve listened with great interest the lectures from representatives of Slovenian non-profit societies. Later, in the afternoon time, we had an excellent workshop under the mentorship of experienced socially active lecturers from Italy and Switzerland:

  • Dr. Enrico Testi, Executive Director of ARCO c/o
  • Mr. Marco Tognetti, Executive Director of LAMA Agency
  • Ms. Samantha Caccamo, Director of SBI

They showed us pitfalls and advantages of social entrepreneurship and guide us through the process of establishing the social enterprise.


JAPTIMunicipality PostojnaMunicipality LogatecTV Show »Right Idea«Newspaper Delo d.d.Magazine Kapital; Magazine Logaške novice, june 2011; Magazine Ajdovske novice, may 2011; Community of private institutions; RRA Notranjsko-kraška regija, d.o.o.; CNVO; Italian Institute of Culture in Slovenia; IRDOVibacom

Event: Festival of Logatec goodies

Grajski park Logatec

Club of European women hosted the event Festival of Logatec goodies. Our supportive partners were Municipality of Logatec and Komunalno podjetje Logatec, the event was in a beautiful Grajski park Logatec.

The basic objectives of the event were:

  • Increased visibility of city Logatec.
  • Networking among local residents, who on the one hand appear in searching different types of food, on the other hand, as its producers.
  • Networking between women, members of different NGOs from Logatec and Notranjsko-Kraska region, which have or could play an important role in this region.

Seminar: Business etiquette and modern business look

CPU, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, GZS, Ljubljana

Club of European women together with U.S.Embassy Ljubljana had organized workshop »Business etiquette and modern business look and differences between American and Slovenian women«.

Many of us know what the business protocol is. On the internet, we can find numerous articles on this topic. We know what type of business clothes are suitable for certain occasions. Almost certainly know which colors the best suit for us. We wear clothing in specific colors, that are close to our hearts, however, they are (possibly) incorrect selected.

On the workshop »Business etiquette and modern business look« we had talked about:

  • Rules of business dress code – what we need to know
  • Basic types of shapes and color types of people
  • New rules in modern business clothing
  • The symbolism of colors and choice of clothing for a variety of business occasions
  • Whether there are differences in business behavior among women from Slovenia and USA

The lecturer was Neza Gregorcic Zgombic, who says about herself: “I am an expert in the field of Esthetics and cultural behavior and dress. With modeling, I worked successfully for over 13 years, both at home and abroad. In London, I trained counselor for a personal appearance and thus further add to my knowledge of the aesthetics and culture of dress. “

We hosted ladies from different parts of Slovenia and enabled free of charge participation for unemployed women. Like we always do.


Workshops: Writing a personal diary

Ljubljana, Logatec, Kranj

It’s great to have someone which is close to you, morally and spiritually. But even better is to take pen in a hand and a sheet of paper and write down all emotions, disappointments, mistakes, choices in your life. Do talk to yourself. Look at today’s event more realistic. Understand your own history. Relationships with parents. Sister/s and brother/s. The process of ups and downs in your life, and drawn from all only the best for you. Do self-analysis, right now. At this moment. Now when you are happy or frustrated. Lonely.

Therefore, writing a personal diary is actually an internal dialogue with ourselves. When nobody condemns us, watching us with amazement and horror on the face. Diary can play an important role in your personal development. Because you write about moments that have marked you. Therefore, do not ask yourself: When do I have to write? How do I get started? When is an appropriate time to write? Simply just start writing a diary. It helps. We know from our experiences!

Series of workshops were carried out in Ljubljana, Kranj, and Logatec. Lecturers were: mag. Marjeta Novak and Žaneta Statevska.

We enabled free of charge participation for unemployed women.


Workshop: Be careful what you wish for

Slovenian Chamber of Commerce, GZS, Slovenia

Club of European women in collaboration with Mario Bratuž Florance had organized a workshop “Be careful what you wish for”. At the workshop, we have learned about self-observation methods and ways answer to the questions: Which of the relations is the most important? How to recognize the patterns that hinder us? How to find the path for forgiveness in our past?

The workshop was conducted in Ljubljana, at the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce, GZS, Ljubljana. We enabled free of charge participation for unemployed women.